Iphone 7 data connection problem

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Hi guys,

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, also I am not a native English speaker so sorry for my poor English. 

I have an issue with my iphone 7 that it cannot connect to mobile data (showing 'searching' or 'no network').  I discovered the problem and checked with my friends by switching sim card, to make sure the problem is not from the sim card problem nor the data service provider.  Then I went to a local apple store for help.  A genius tried to restore my phone with a mac book, and then the phone can connect mobile data again.  The guy told me that it could be a software problem and it had been fixed.

Until next day morning the problem happened again.  I went back to store and another staff came and told me that since they was able to fixed my phone the day before, it is possible that some other hardware of the phone was broken...  They would not fix it and I would have to pay 280 usd to get a new phone.

My question is, if the data connection problem was a hardware problem at first, how could the phone be fixed at day one?  If it is a software problem, why they couldn't fix it and I have to pay for their mistake?   My phone is still very new ( just about one year old) and I have been using it with care, it is not reasonable that I need to pay to get a new phone.  Does anyone here has same experience and can give me any suggestion?

Many thanks!!!!
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