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Hi everyone,

I've been browsing these forums for months and now I've finally decided to post something and start contributing for once...

Anyway, I use a PC now but I've definitely decided to switch and my next computer will be a Mac. I'll probably use both platforms anyway. I want a laptop so it's down to either an iBook or Powerbook. I can afford to get an iBook now probably, but I'm wondering if I should save up to get a Powerbook later...

some things to ask..

1. I'm a bit concerned about the G3 in the iBook. I don't do any Photoshop or Final Cut Pro or anything really that would use Altivec (I think), but on Apple's webpage it mentions that some iApps and even Mac OS X itself benefits more from a G4.. any thoughts?

2. How long do you think an iBook would last until it would need to be upgraded? I have a year and a half left before grad school so I'm considering just waiting to get a Powerbook then or something, but I don't know if I can hold out for that long.

3. G4 ibooks... I'd get one right now in a heartbeat, but I shouldn't hold my breath, right?

From what I've seen it seems like a lot of people that own an iBook 800 are very happy, which is great. My only concern is the G3 and just being afraid that it won't last a while.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Although I still think there should be at least one iBook G4, I think you may be okay with the iBook 800 for your needs. Just max out on RAM.

    You might also want to look long and hard regarding screen size...as I find the 12" model too small. Good luck and welcome.

    Sorry for the edit Satchmo, but there's really no need to quote the entire post when your's is next in line...

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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    The iBook should be okay for a little bit, and if you can sell your iBook before the new cycle of iBooks come out, you can usually upgrade for minimal cost (possibly even free). Macs have great resale value, and people on eBay are dumb.

    The iApps do take advantage of Altivec, so the G3 will lag a little in this regard, but it shouldn't be anything too bad that you'd kick yourself for not getting the Powerbook. Just save the $1000 now and use it for incremental upgrades, or maybe to eventually get a Powerbook once you get in grad school.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    If you want to use iPhoto... or layout a website... or edit a large photo... or edit digital video... or not have buyer's remorse in a month, buy the PB.

    Nice big display, fast G4, fast system bus, larger HD, better video, SuperDrive option, display spanning (not hacked), coolness factor....

    Just my opinion of course. If you do anything remotely processor intensive, do yourself a favor and get a TiBook.

    Although, if all you do is surf the net, listen to iTunes, and use Office, the iBook is better. No one can tell you the right thing to do, just tossing some thoughts onto the pile.

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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    I'm a poor grad student, and when I was shopping for a new laptop five months ago I had the same concerns about iBook vs. PowerBook: can I live with the tiny screen, and is any G3 really fast enough to be my one-Mac-every-five-years? In the end, the "poor grad student" thing decided it: by the time I can afford a Powerbook, Steve Jobs Clone #8726 will hand it to me personally in the Apple Store.

    But having said that, I've been very, very pleasantly suprised with how amazing a computer the iBook is. I got the low-end 600mHz model of the last generation, and I don't have a single complaint about speed. I do a lot of web surfing, Office stuff, email etc., but also some fairly heavy-duty data manipulation for lab (20MB Excel files, dozens of 5 MB images, big .ppt's), and the iBook has not disappointed at all. And it's the perfect size and weight for carrying around to meetings and classes, great for giving presentations, the battery honest-to-god will last an entire coast-to-coast flight with no sweat (even playing Civ3 the whole way), and the 12" screen is crisp and bright enough to be way easier on my eyes than any CRT I've ever stared into.

    In short, far from experiencing buyer's remorse, I think it was a great purchase, and is probably the closest thing to an ideal portable out there. If you're really going to be crunching video all day, save for a G4. But for the other 99% of us, iBooks rock.

    Heh, it's also kinda funny how at my school all the grad students tote around iBooks, while all the profs carry Titaniums. One day...
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