HomeKit - Do Commands Override Automation?

in Genius Bar
After having an Ecobee3 (our first HomeKit enabled device) for almost a year, I've decided to start using HomeKit rather than the Ecobee app so that I can have greater control over actions. For instance, I really like that in the afternoon we can set the heat for 60 but have it go up to 67 when motion is detected, since the time when the first person arrives home  after school or work can vary and doesn't always happen on a set schedule.

One thing I'm curious that I haven't found in basic tutorials online is a discussion on the hierarchy of commands. For instance, if I have an automation where the heat turns on at 5pm but I know I'll be late and won't arrive until 8pm, can I tell Siri to hold the temperature at 60 until certain time, or will the 5pm automation override my command? Any tutorials that cover some more specific scenarios rather than the general tutorials?
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