I wanna be a recon ranger!

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... I wanna live a life of danger!

I figured I'd post a thread asking if anyone with Ghost Recon wanted to run some multiplayer sometime. There is a group of four or five of us that usually run games every night around 10pm or 11pm (start times). We do a mix of co-op and team/ffa. We play with a weapons booster pack we put together, you'll need to downlaod it from...

<a href="http://www.turborodent.com/booster.sitx"; target="_blank">http://www.turborodent.com/booster.sitx</a>; (2.5MB)

The unstuffed folder goes inside your: Ghost Recon Data/Mods/ folder.

Anyhow, if anyone ever wants to play, look up my AIM name online: cornerj4

I always put the IP of the host in my away message when we play.
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