Mac Users deserve better from Apple

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Mac users help break a fraud on eBay.

Mac users are loyal to a fault to their computer company.

Mac users don't mind paying more for top-quality computers.

I'm a Mac user. I love my Macs. But I think we deserve better from Apple.

Their prices are too high. The market has already firmly placed the entry-level price for a consumer computer well below $1,000, yet Apple cannot sell a new machine for this price (the 2-year-old G3 iMac doesn't count).

Don't complain that Apple has higher costs of production - the costs of production only determine that you can't compete in a market, not what the market price is.

We deserve better products for our money. The loud fans in the current G4s are awful. Certainly not the sign of quality workmanship or pride.

I want to feel justified in the price I'm paying for the superior computer. Mac OS X is NOT worth $500, plus $130 upgrades each year, is it?

The iApps are nice, but I don't use them and hardly any business users use them. Even consumers aren't likely to use ALL of them every day or even every week. They are a distraction from the poor hardware rice performance ratio.

Just my two cents, and I make my living consulting Mac-users.

How does Apple fix this?


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    Ive had my first mac for a few days now and i love it. Ive had PCs for years and now ive used a mac i wouldnt go back.

    i have a G4 tower and my fans are very quiet, Perhaps the bearings in your fans are faulty?

    I agree with you on the price though, but bear in mind that G4's are classed as super computers and will last you a lot longer than a pc will. I build PCs and i come across 486's and pentium 166mhz some without heatsinks that keep ticking, but the p2's and 3's along with athlons seem to burn out and die after a year or two.

    If everyone dumped MS and the x86 in favour of the mac mac prices would drop just as the x86 prices did. the problem was the x86 had many vendors and builders that MS rallied together to help push it into every office and home which the end result was cheaper hardware (note that software has not dropped), whereas the mac only has one builder, apple. As for the price of the OS, how much is windows XP proffessional? if you want to upgrade then do so, the point is you dont have to.
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    if the OS isn't worth that much to you and you don't want to spend the extra money, then get a PC with faster hardware. I think you'll find that your mac was better...if not for the slightly better (but not faster) hardware, then for the one thing you seem to not take into account as apple's tru ace. OS X.

    If apple computers ran windows, no way i'd buy them, but since they run a beatiful and powerful, also fun to use and intuitive OS, that is the reason why i'll pay extra.

    In short apple does what they want, if not what they have to sometimes, you complaining won't make a difference at all.
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    Cry me a river, baby. Apple does what they think is best for them, and their customers. It's business. They cant do things that are bad for their profitablitiy just so they can be "nicer" to their customers.

    Learn the game.
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