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Does Apple have any plans for the future of the mini iPads. I know the mini 4 is the latest. I have a mini 2 with the most recent iOS. But I’m wondering is Apple going to do anything more with this line of iPads. So far It does not look like anything is happening. Although a mini 5 has been speculated.


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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,837member
    I would love to see a Mini 5 but I haven't heard anything apart from those who say that as there was a 4 there will be a 5 at some point, so I know as much as you I'm afraid.

    I think there is a market for one but Apple didn't give the 4 a lot of love when it got updated.

    My Mini 2 is perfect for me and rock solid. If the 4 is eventually discontinued, I'll get one when they get discounted.
    harry wild
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    Mini 5/Pro should be release in June-July 2018 is my guess. 
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