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I can't find this anywhere else using a quick Google search.

From what I was told today, our company has a couple of DELL Tablet PCs.

I have not heard of any reports that Dell is thinking about making a tablet PC. But, I have spoken to people who have first-hand used it at work.

I know, I know. This is an Apple board. But, someone might find that of interest. If they do one for $1,500, that might be of interest to someone.

Maybe no one HERE, though.


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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Wouldn't surprise me if Dell did some sort of Tablet PC. FIC currently has one that's supposed to be under $1500, but it uses a Transmeta Crusoe processor.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    So far, IMHO, the tablet PC's shown by PC vendors combine the price of a laptop with the functionality of a bulky PDA, not good.

    My Newton, which I'm probably going to sell, makes a much better tablet than any of what I've seen so far. (And it is how many years old now?)

    However, Dell is looking very very agressive on the PDA front, and they're going to force toshiba, compaq et al to get more realistic with their prices. WinCE is WinCE afterall, whatever M$ calls it now, no reason to pay a premium when Dell will gladly supply a competent solution at half the price.

    Nice to see Dell shafting someone other than Apple.

    One of the problems with Tablets (besides the poorly concieved ergos) is the price. Why pay extra for a crippled notebook, when you can get a tons more functional notebook for less money? One thing Dell is good at is driving down cost and jetisoning superflous features to meet a target. The type of innovation Dell represents might not make tablets more useful, but it would probably make their prices more appropriate.

    I'm looking at this Newton, and it's a crying shame the thing didn't do better, the form factor is near ideal, not for a PDA, but for a tablet. Just a bit bigger.

    Apple could probably get the form factor right (somewhere between PDA and tablet) but not the price, Dell, the inverse.

    we'll see...
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