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I need to convert all my folders on an ASIP server to List View (rather than icon view).

Rather than doing it manually (the server has thousands of folders), can I get this Finder task to be automated?

I have noob users who constantly creat folders on the ASIP server with the default view as Icon View. I want to weekly or monthly convert all folders to List View.

Any ideas?

(And yes, ASIP sucks. XServe's next year! :0))

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    If the original Folder, in which a user is creating a New Folder, is in List view, then the New Folder will also be in list view. It's a "Parent" folder passing on it's attributes to a "Child" folder thing.

    Now, to change EXISTING folders is a different matter. Not sure how you would accomplishe this in OS 9. Might be an AppleScriptable thing.
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