Issues with High Sierra 10.13.4

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I tried the macos public beta of High Sierra on my iMac. After ongoing issues with it rebooting or shutting the system down unexpectedly, I reverted back to the earlier version - 10.13.3. However, in spite of giving Apple feedback of this issue I see it is still happening with the final release. I downloaded it to my iMac and exactly the same issue: the system, when asleep, will spontaneously reboot, sometimes it will reboot twice - the second time midway through the first reboot. Other times thew machine switches off all together. I tried the public beta in the hope that Messages in iCloud would resolve an issue with macos Messages where my iMac doesn't display the contact names or numbers properly for some messages, even though my Macbook, iPad and iPhone do. Apple told me this was a known issue with High Sierra they hoped to fix but still nothing. I've used Apple since my first Performa 630. I must say I'm increasingly disappointed with the number of buggy macos releases that don't seem to get resolved. If this rebooting issue continues with my iMac it really could render the system unusable. 

My iMac is a 27", Retina 5K Late 2015 system with 3.2Ghz Intel Core i5. Anyone else having a similar problem?


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    Seems this is a very common issue, with users on older machines experiencing it BEFORE the 10.13.4 version of High Sierra. Still no fix from Apple. Am also still waiting for them to fix contacts in Messages and scan to network folder, also broken since High Sierra launch with no fix. This really isn't very Apple and frankly not good enough.
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    Having similar issue with High Sierra - did you manage to get any update about it?
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    No. Although mine is fixed through no real logic. I downloaded 10.13.5 beat to see if it fixed it. It didn't, so I did a Time Capsule restore that seemed to fix it, when a full erase and clean install had not. There is a post at the end of that thread on the communities that seems to have cemented it. So I am all good here, touch wood. No help from Apple, however.
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