Any OS X MD (Minidisc) software?

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I'm just wondering if Sony or anyone has added support for Mac (OS X) with MD players or whether there are any 3rd party options that will work. I'm curious because I found a really good deal on some MD players/recorders.

P.S. Don't tell me to go buy an iPod or something because I simply can't afford one. Some people are not rich or spoiled.

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    I even heard USB through Virtual PC won't do it for you (although I don't really know why).
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    Are you talking about NetMD or just regular MD? There is no software for os X that I know of that will let you digitally copy mp3's to MD. However, you can always copy music using an analog connection, however you will have to record in real time and will have to input all of the data by hand. I know this for a fact because I just moved back from Japan (I was there when NetMD released) and have inquired quite a bit about this. NetMD is a sony thing so they want you to use it with a vaio (obviously). I hope this helps.
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    Just remembered...I did see some software for windows that allows you to directly transfer mp3's to non-netMD players. However, unfortunatly I forgot the name and I am positive they do not have an English version (mainly because MD never caught in the US). In the chance that you can read Japanese or are willing to do a lot of trial and error I suppose you could try to import it. If I remember the name, I'll post again.
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    That's always an option, since I DO have access to PCs...cept all my music is either on my G4 or on CDs in my spindles.

    The recordable feature is something I like, and I've found a NetMD recorder/player for around $100.

    I also wonder if you can maybe transfer it from a Mac by using Xitel's product ( as it can connect up to the MD unit. Any really good minidisc sites I should look at?
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    I searched for a little, didn't see anything to download stuff to it.

    Here's two links of possible interest:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    I'm heavily invested in MD's and arrived at the very realistic conclusion that there will NEVER be support for the Mac for saving music to minidiscs. I have a special Japanese remote control that allows me to more rapidly type in track titles, but who wants to do that all the time? It's stupid. I'm not about to heave my MD collection, but I'm actively plotting my transition route to an iPod. Some of the new cars come with planned hookups to MP3 players, so even though the radio won't be a dedicated MP3 player it will work. Maybe by the time I decide to buy my next vehicle there will be an even better solution.

    I love my MD stuff, but the lack of Mac support will eventually lead me on down the road....

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    I cant remeber but a while ago I am sure a 3rd party was making software to work with MD or Network walkman??

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    Just a word of caution on the NetMD. It is not like burning a cd where you can burn the same song on 10 different cds. The NetMD software acts like a library meaning that you can only copy 1 song to 2 different mds. You literally "check-out" the song and copy it to a md. Therefore, if you want to make a md for your friend, you have just given away 1 or your 2 times that you can copy that song. Of course if you erase the disk, you can "check back in" the song. That feature is one of the main reasons(and aslo that it had no mac support) why I didn't go the NetMD route when I lived in Japan. MD is cool and has tons of support in Korea and especially Japan. For example, 90% of all home stereos in Japan have md players and recorders built in and functions which allow easy copying including a feature that will copy the songs info(if the cd has the capability). Also, say you have a 3 disk cd changer and a md player in your stereo. You can put in 3 cd's, program the songs you want to record, and just leave it. Those stereos are not availiable in the US so it makes it much harder to copy. The point is that if you decide the MD route, it will require a lot of work just to make one disc. Although you said this wasn't an option, maybe you should try to get a refurbished 5gb ipod or something similar. I think you will find it much less of a hassle. Hope this helps.
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    The increasingly intricate web that is our legal system is going to ensure that the United States remains firmly behind the rest of the world in regard to technology.

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    A word of warning:

    I have spent a ton of money on MD gear over the last 10 years and have been very happy with all of it.

    I've got portables and mini systems as well as high end audio MD stuff that you can plug a normal ps/2 keyboard into for title editing.

    I've even got a $200 dollar box-of-tricks that I got shipped over from California that allows me to use software to control my MD deck and Sony 400CD Jukebox through a serial port.

    I rarely go anywhere without my portable MD that is so small and light that I need to put my hand in my pocket to check it's there and finally, all my friends have MD players and they all love MD stuff too.

    Having said all of this, I would not recommend that anyone buy any MD equipment today unless they already own some. If they are also a Mac owner then I would say that they are crazy to do anything other than beg, borrow or steal enough money to buy the cheapest iPod. You will not regret it.

    Sorry, I know you specifically asked for no iPod rants but if anyone was going to be positive towards MD it's me and the iPod is just a no-brainer.

    edit: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> is the fount of all minidisc knowledge on the web

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    Today at FYE I saw that sony is now selling NetMD in the USA. This might be a solution if you want to use it with Virtual PC(I am not sure if there is mac support).
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