is this video a fact or bias about Apple engineering?

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Someone is actually digging down and pointing out the flaws from their design.  At least that's what it looks like.

But I wonder if this is the truth, or a complete bias.  Considering their stuff were made a millions, it's definitely going to have problems with some.


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    DuhSesameDuhSesame Posts: 726member
    I’m bit shocked about the fact that they’re using the same tantalum cap years after years, even the previous generation suffered the same problem, and that the first unibody MacBooks glues the screen.

    But then I still wondering if this man exaggerated a bit too much.  Swapping the bad capacitor only costs less than $1, and fixed the issue perfectly.  What could be the reason not to do it then?  One single cap aren’t that big of a deal for a corporation.
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