Forget Will Ferrell... NEW OS X ads out!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
These haven't been posted at Apple's site, but I got them from a certain somebody I talk to over AIM a lot. He sent me five leaked Apple ads for OS X. I don't have any web space to post them, but if you want I can send them to you through email or AIM. Private message me if you want 'em. Or if you have a place you can put them. I dunno though, Apple might get pissed.

Anyway, I could at least describe them... basically they are all OS X Jaguar ads. One is an ad for the Junk Mail filter. Another has a big cardboard Jaguar-print X going around a town with some fun music. One of them goes from an X, zooms way in showing the individual hairs and cells, and then goes on a big trip through space and nebulas and galaxies, eventually arriving at earth and going down to a person's room where they are at an iMac playing the video just as it ends, and it zooms in on the screen showing the Jaguar X... very cool. Then there's a very short one for iChat featuring a bunch of emoticons, and one for Sherlock with a guy trying on a bunch of different clothes and then using Sherlock to find places to buy clothes.


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