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I use my iPad for a lot of annotation and note taking and have the 2017 variant. I’m giving serious consideration to the 2018 version as I think I’d get a lot if use out of the Pencil. I don’t think I’d need the Smart Keyboard as I’m happy using my MacBook for written and intensive work. However, I’m intrigued as to what upgrades the iPad Pro might see that could make it worth holding off for. Also, I must admit to reservations about Face ID. I’m much happier with Touch ID and even wonder if the new iPhones are all Face ID only if I’ll get an 8. Will the 2018 iPad be the last Touch ID iPad?


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    mpw_amherstmpw_amherst Posts: 471member
    Also, with regards the choice between an iPad Pro and iPad. My Mum has a 10.5 Pro that I advised her to buy. I like it but given my use for the iPad is chiefly for annotating vast quantities of PDFs and drafts I'm quite keen on a small, light form factor - like a book. The 9.7" factor is therefore preferable for me, as well as the cost differential. However, reviews suggest that the True Tone and laminated screen is a big improvement, perhaps especially so for a lot of reading, and also better for using the Pencil. This has made me wonder whether a refurbished 9.7" Pro - complete with the option for Smart Keyboard should I ever want it - might be a better bet than the new 2018 iPad? ANy thoughts? I understand the 2018 iPad as the A10, rather than A9X.
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    harry wildharry wild Posts: 571member
    Looking for iPad Mini 5!
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    Ipad Mini 5 Ipad Mini 6 Ipad Mini 7.
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