iOS 11.3.1 is also draining my battery

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I have iPhone 6S and I updated to iOS new update 11.3.1. But the problem after installing the update is, it is draining battery quickly.

Like I have a battery about 70% and after 15 minutes it reduced to 25% without doing anything.

Anyone facing same?


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    obiwan76obiwan76 Posts: 3member
    Mine does the exact same thing and Apple wants me to pay to fix it.
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    obiwan76obiwan76 Posts: 3member
    Mine started after 11.3.1 and I have reset and no success 
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    MinoriteMinorite Posts: 1member
    obiwan76 said:
    Mine started after 11.3.1 and I have reset and no success 
    Do you mean that you've reset the device to factory settings and it didn't help? Have you restored a backup made after 11.3.1 update?
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    Yes, I did a factory reset without backup (so none of the information was transferred). Apple support said that I need to pay to send my phone in (since I have no Apple Store near me). I never had a single issue with my phone until about 20 minutes after the update, when my phone shut off due to the battery being low. I hit the power button and the phone turned back on and showed the battery at 72%. It completely drained again and I again turned it back on (without charging) and the battery showed 60-65%. I can hold the home button and power button and reset it and after 1-3 times it quits until I use an app (random app). I have had it drain with the photo app or even my gmail app. I know it isn’t draining my actual battery but this phone did not have an issue until I updated it the last time. 

    I just cannot stand the thought of that I have to pay to fix something that was broken because of an apple update. 
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