How to fix iPhone X Screen Flickering

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Hi there,

I have an iPhone X that's less than 2 months old.

1 month ago, I rinsed it for like 5 seconds under light tap water. The screen started flickering and then shortly shut off for 8 days before turning back on and functioning normally.

It has been fine for the past 2 weeks. But yesterday, the screen started flickering really aggressively again and it's very annoying. Knowing that the LCIs (Liquid Contact Indicators) in my phone are triggered red, I didn't take it to the Apple Store because they would charge me $800 CAD for out-of-warranty service.

I opened the phone up myself because I thought it was just corrosion on the display connectors, even after polishing the contacts on the display connectors, the problem still exists.

At this point, what is my best bet to get the problem fixed and over with?

Can I still take it to the Apple Store? 

Where is the cheapest place to buy an OEM quality display? 

What if I buy the display and it's actually the logic board? 

Could it be firmware? (It happens on ALL screens)



Ardalan G.


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,078member
    Oh dear.

    iPhone X is rated water resistant under the IP67 norm. 

    Rinsing it under running water should not affect it, and certainly shouldn’t void the warranty. 

    So so whatever it was doing would have been covered under the warranty — unfortunately, since you’ve opened it and tampered with it, Apple will probably refuse service at this point. 

    I’d try anyway, since if any liquid sensors were tripped from rinsing it, that would indicate failure of the water-proofing, which would constitute a manufacturing defect. I’d be forward and honest about what happened and how you went about it. Service techs can almost always tell when people are fibbing, especially when they take a look at the device. 

    Be aware that, having opened it yourself, you haven’t a legal leg to stand on, and any service, under warranty or otherwise, would be entirely at Apple’s discretion, i. e. only because they’re being nice to you. 
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    Ardy2020Ardy2020 Posts: 3member
    Does anyone know WHY the screen is flickering and HOW I can fix it myself. 

    I am familiar with doing repairs on iPhones. But I don't know why the screen is flickering and what part(s) I need to replace.
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