All the TV shows Apple has in the works for Apple TV+



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    ITGUYINSD said:
    Could this be AI's longest post ever?  
    Nope. That was the removal of FireWire. (which actually returned to the Mac after people mailed Steve about it) I remember that article got ≈ 1400 posts.
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    As someone else here commented, I wish them the best but this lineup has nothing for me (and that's fine, I'm an old fogey). $6billion is a drop in the bucket to their cash resources, it won't be the end of the world if this venture is not that successful. What I don't understand is what's filling the gaps - Amazon, Netflix, Disney, NBC, CBS etc etc. have new streaming-only content commissioned, but they also have thousands upon thousands of hours or other existing content - is this the entirety of programming on Apple TV Plus?
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    Has anyone heard anything about TheFoundation series? Or has it gone away? ... again!
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    krreagan2 said:
    Has anyone heard anything about TheFoundation series? Or has it gone away? ... again!
    They signed a deal with Limerick Studios in Ireland back in July to begin shooting “in the next few months.” Which would be sometime this fall? 

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    georgie01 said:
    I lost complete interest in AppleTV+ when I saw ‘See’ in the Keynote.

    The worst thing for our culture’s future right now is to tell youth they are ones who can see, and that the older generation is ‘blind’. Our youth is spectacularly uneducated about American history and government and is being fed lies and manipulated about our past ... and we should be telling them they can see?
    Good grief, that's your takeaway from a sci-fi series? I definitely don't think today's kids are that stupid that they'd read into this the same way.

    Also, it's "Our youth are spectacularly uneducated..." — unless, of course, you were speaking of your own education, which seems plausible.
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    I’m not always accurate about guessing what shows and plots that I will like from preview descriptions, but I don’t see a single show listed that pique’s my interest. Many seem to be take-offs of existing shows already on other networks  and some are literally continuations of shows or movies from the past. Maybe the writing will save them. 
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