I need to replace PIA with a better VPN, please recommend.

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Been with PIA for three years a couple of years ago, they had some issues with Apple's smtp servers which they would then whitelist. However they seem to have taken a new hardline arrogant stance. p39-smtp.mail.me.com refuses to work any longer. Below is the response I got from PIA tech support...

I am sure that Apple mail has good spam filtering, but unfortunately we are unable to whitelist the email server that you requested p39-smtp.mail.me.com - This is due to the fact that the tools that we have for testing that this is not an open relay are unable to connect to the server to verify this.

This is likely caused by the configurations within your email server. So you are aware we use the well known internet tools site https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx if you want to try this for yourself.

When I check with the mx toolbox I got all green lights under 'blacklisted' 

Further it's frikken impossible to log on to my PIA ticket. Further I note this weird policy...

By default, Private Internet Access blocks all SMTP ports to prevent our service being abused to send spam email. Customers may request to be placed on the whitelist in order to send email.

As part of the whitelisting process, you will be required to verify once per month that the contact email is valid. This is done by an automated single message per month containing a link which will need to be clicked.

In order to be placed on the SMTP whitelist, a user must:

  • Contact Customer Support requesting SMTP whitelisting
  • Provide the hostname/IP address for the SMTP Server requesting whitelisting
  • Provide their username and 7 digit order number
  • Ensure that the SMTP server is not an open relay
  • Provide a point of contact name
  • Provide a contact email address
  • Be a customer 6 months or longer
  • Click the once per month verification email

So if Apple uses a different smtp server what? I've used my my quota of one whitelisting. This is utter madness.

So I am looking for recommendations for a more reliable private VPN that would have servers in Australia.


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