Really Low iPhone X Geekbench Battery Score

in Genius Bar
Hi there,

I purchased an iPhone X 4 months ago.

I was really happy with the battery life. I would get 8 hours usage time and everything was good. My old iPhone X got water damaged and I got a replacement at the Apple Store yesterday (for $800 CDN).

This new replacement phone however, has very poor battery life. I think it is defective. The Geekbench battery score shows 1720 and the average for iPhone X on Geekbench's website is 2691.

Of course, Apple won't take a Geekbench score at the Genius Bar. So how do I go about getting a replacement? 

Do I just sit there for 8 hours with two iPhone Xs next to each other to show that mine drains quicker. 

The battery health tab shows 100%. (Not true).


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