Does anyone know Apple's ship from address in Taiwan?

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I am trying to have a FedEx archive search done on the shipping bill for my Tibook I purchased in Dec. 2001 from the online Apple Store in order to prove to Apple that I should be eligible for AppleCare. According to FedEx, this requires the exact ship from location in Taiwan for TiBooks. It was on the original exterior cardboard box, but that item is long gone. I thought you kind folks might have this info or be able to get it.

Here's the story:

I ordered the TiBook on Dec. 10th 2001 from the Apple Store. It was reported as shipping from Taiwan on Dec. 12 2001. Of course it did not arrive on the 14th as one would believe with 2nd Day Air. It was apparently tied up in U.S. Customs in Alaska for over a week. I was out of town when it finally arrived on the 22nd or 23rd 2001. I returned on the 29th, opened the package and registered the unit with Apple online.

Here's the problem. After assuring me 3 times between Dec. 17 2002 and Dec. 28 2002, including an AppleCare Rep who called me on Christmas Eve 2002 to remind me that my Apple was about to expire, that I was eligible to purchase and apply AppleCare to my TiBook through Jan. 2nd 2003, they refused my application on the 2nd. Why did I wait so long you might wonder? My AppleCare was to be a Christmas gift, so I waited to receive it. I actually turned out to be a little late, as I received it on Dec. 28 2002 and attempted to register it then, but as some of you may know, the entire AppleCare system was down from Dec. 27th 2002 through Jan. 1 2003, so they were unable to enrollment my TiBook. They did however assure me that I was eligible for AppleCare and that it would be no problem to enroll me when called back on Jan. 2nd 2003.

After speaking with an AppleCare Rep I FAXed my AppleCare purchase invoice from Dec. 28th 2002 and the explanation of what the three Apple Reps had told me about being eligible until Jan. 2 2003 and that it was their system being down for almost a week that prohibitted me from registering within my original one-year window to "APP Expections" and waited for a response. I was called today and told that they would not enroll me, that they had no record of me speaking with 3 other Reps who assurred my AppleCare eligiblility through Jan. 2nd 2003, and that my original one-year coverage began on my ship date from Taiwan.

According to them, without my FedEX delivery documentation, a ship date is the start date for ownership and therefore the beginning of the warranty, not once it actually arrives and is registered. So without proof of the delivery I lost about 2 weeks from my AppleCare coverage, although I was told otherwise on three different occasions from Apple personnel leading up to the final refusal. This blows my mind. There is even supposed to be a 10-day grace period after the expiration of the original one-year coverage expires within which you may still extend the warranty. Imagine that- 2-day direct service from Taiwan to Kentucky - wow!

I spoke with another Apple Rep today who's system reported that I had a Dec. 29th start of ownership date. So, apparently, some Apple systems do record the registration date as the start of ownership. I currently am geting some help for the wonderful people at from who I bought my AppleCare plan from. In short, if you good folks or anyone you might know purchased a TiBook from the Apple Store with it shipping from Taiwan please let me know the address it shipped from as it will most likely persuade Apple to allow me to register my TiBook. Thanks for any assistance or advice.



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    Another satisfied AppleCare Customer.

    These things eventually work themselves out, but look to have major headaches every single time you send your computer in to be fixed. I wish I was joking.

    I bought AppleCare on my PowerBook G3 and sent in the registration card. When I had a problem, I was still within my one year warranty but they had no record of my AppleCare protection plan. It turns out that someone else (from Europe) had an iMac protection plan with the same # as mine. Every time I called to get something fixed it was the same BS.

    Every single time, I had to dig to find my information and usually have to fax them the documentation. It's ridiculous. They finally got it worked out (or so I thought) and sent me a letter saying that for all of my 'incovenience', my coverage was extended to 5/13/05. A few weeks ago, I got a letter 'correcting a problem' with the AppleCare database and that my warranty actually expires in about 2 months.

    Needless to say, the AppleCare Protection program isn't one of Apple's better divisions.
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