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I have recently been looking at getting an iPad to use whilst commencing my studies. I will be using it for media consumption but also note taking and will use the apple pencil with the iPad of choice. The problem is that I am unsure of which model to get. Since I am a student I have budget of around 300 dollars, as that is the price of the new 6th gen 2018 iPad. However, since I will be using it a lot for note taking I was wondering if something like the iPad pro 2016 would be better because of the screen. The 2016 iPad has a laminated screen and the gap between the glass and the screen is smaller than with the new 2018. The camera is also better with the 2016 and so are the speakers. I can probably get a 2016 refurbished for 350 and the 2018 for 300. I was wondering if the extra 50 are worth it? Considering I will be using the apple pencil is the gap and screen worth the 50, or should I just get the new 2018? 


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    I have both a pro and the new 2018 (the pro being company owned, the new one is my personal iPad) ... I can't really tell a difference in the screen (other than a slightly different size).
    The sound is definitely better from the pro, but doesn't really matter if you use headphones for music and movies.
    pencil works on both.. but the pro has the magnetic data-connectors for keyboards and such (the new non-pro doesn't), if that's something you might want.

    To ME, $50 isn't enough to matter, I'd get the pro... but if money's tight, the new non-pro, is nearly as nice. Keeping in mind, you'll need to buy the pencil and perhaps a cover/case... so you're gonna spend at least $100 more than the cost of the iPad!
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    I’m also thinking about getting the 2018 iPad (along with the Apple Pencil).

    However, can the Apple Pencil be use for all gaming apps, alongside the creative side of things.
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