Series 3 swollen battery but not covered by apple so replacement unless I buy a new one.

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I have a 7 month old series 3 and the screen popped off, I returned it to apple and they stated that the battery has swollen but I have to pay for a replacement.
 Has anyone else had this happen and can you offer advice on how to escalate this, seems apple don't watch to replace for swollen batteries anymore?? 
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    Mah72Mah72 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    This exact this is happening to thousands of people every day. I just got notified that even though the Apple tech in the store said it was a swollen battery, the techs claimed otherwise. I am furious. There was zero impact and I am so angry at Apple!!  They know this is happening but they are doing nothing. I hope this lawsuit materializes because I am so angry that they denied my obvious swollen battery!!!
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    Did either of y’all ever have any luck? I’m taking my series 3 in today for the same issue and I’m a little worried 😬
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