Crappy Asus has nicer keyboard than MBP

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I use a MBA.

I was returning an item to a local store when I came across a MBP, so typed away on a second generation MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard and then decided to rest typing on the shitty Asus beside it.

I have to say, I was so taken by how much nicer it was to type on the Asus I felt compelled to post about it here. I’ve never used either keyboard in my life, but the Asus was better in several ways: more travel, nicer, softer typing experience and much quieter. I’m not only more confident of my key-presses on the Asus, it makes less noise and I feel this way. To me, Apple is simply on the wrong track with this extremely thin and less reliable design. It absoutely screams form over function. People cried for larger iPhones and Apple delivered. I can say with confidence if Apple gets rid of the current MBA keyboard later this year there will be no Apple laptop I can upgrade to. I just don’t like the typing experience of then at all. Not at all. We should all try to embarrass Apple as much as we can into going us some keyboards with more travel and half the noise. It’s one step too far, for me. 


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    I’d fix my typos, but couldn’t edit the comment on iOS beta. Point made, nevertheless.  
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