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i´m having the following idea:

We all know that apple is working together with AOL-TIMEWARNER these days. right? And that a kind of iCHAT Software will be included in the upcoming Jaguar release. And we also know that AOL has a kind of wireless "Instant Messenger" + "E-Mail Client" in plaxe. I don´t know the name but it looks like a PDA and you can use it with your account.

Think about the idea that Apple is going to release a kind of wirless E-Mail and Messaging Product maybe "iMail" Simple, not many buttons, small, slick all you need is a kind of touchscreen. It would fit in the lifestyle hub strategy and could be one of the reasons for the coop with AOL beside iCHAT. Maybe it comes along with a bluetooth interface?

Access e-mails and chat with other people is popular!

Does anyone if you know a good product to access your mails wireless? expect the palm VII ???


back to the 80´s


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    penheadpenhead Posts: 45member
    Try this on for size:

    We also know that Apple is working with moto and ericsson mobiles to bring mpeg4 to their phones. So how about also making software to tie in the "new" dot-mac/iChat to those very same phones?

    Instead of an apple branded phone, we get phones with quicktime and mac/aol email/messages ...

    Just a thought. no bigge
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