Apple now offers 30-minute one-on-one phone sessions to teach Photos editing

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Apple has silently started offering U.S. customers a chance to talk to a "Photos expert" for 30 minutes as a way of getting familiar with the app's editing tools, whether on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


The program is mentioned in a newly-added support document, and promises that the expert will "tailor the session to your skill level and show you how to get the results you want," covering functions like cropping, filters, and Auto Enhance. Customers are expected to bring their own photos, update to the latest software, and make sure their hands are free by using either headphones or their phone's speaker mode.

Calls must also be scheduled in advance through a link provided in the support document, which was spotted by MacRumors earlier today.

Apple makes no reference to any screen sharing, despite the obvious help that would offer in teaching editing.

The raison d'etre for the program is unknown, since Apple already offers similar training in group sessions at its retail stores, and there are plenty of Web resources available -- including how-tos on the company's own website.


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    This kind of training should eventually be replaced with AI instructors.
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    Photo editing lessons done over the phone? Seems kinda pointless if you ask me. I’d much rather just go into the apple store for one of their seminars...or just check out photo editing tutorials on youtube. 
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