Hands on: Mofuu is a portable Apple Watch charger for your keychain

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Leave your bulky Apple Watch charging puck at home and travel lighter with the minute Mofuu portable charger.

A travel hassle

If you travel a lot and own an Apple Watch, you certainly deal with the hassle of coiling up your Apple Watch charging puck and tossing it in your bag. The excessively long cable can be an inconvenience in your bag and hanging around your hotel nightstand when a much smaller cable would do just fine.

Enter Mufoo -- the tiny compact cable that is perfect for charging your Apple Watch on the go.

This charging cable has an Apple-certified Made for Apple Watch charging puck integrated into a small plastic frame. A USB-A cable wraps around the edge of the Mofuu charger for safe keeping, then can be extracted when power is needed.

It would be nice if it was USB-C so it could easily charge on our MacBook Pro, but Apple still prohibits third-parties from creating USB-C Lightning or Apple Watch power cables.

A mini carabiner is also included for affixing to a keychain or the side of your bag. Mofuu is certainly small enough to fit on a keychain without adding too much bulk.

Mofuu is capable of 5W of power, the same as all other Apple Watch chargers so as long as your USB power adapter can handle that low amount, it will charge as fast as the bundled one.

This is especially useful if you travel light and power up your Apple Watch using an external battery pack and want something compact.

Mofuu is a simple product -- just an Apple Watch charging puck in a different form. That doesn't make it any less useful.

Where to buy

Mofuu's Apple Watch portable charger is available for $36.99. It isn't cheap, but it is still a certified cable and they often carry that heftier price tag.


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    I thought this might have a built in rechargeable battery. Otherwise, Apple's own 0.3m (about 1 foot) cable for $29 is a better / cheaper solution.
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    urashid said:
    I thought this might have a built in rechargeable battery. Otherwise, Apple's own 0.3m (about 1 foot) cable for $29 is a better / cheaper solution.

    Yeah, like the one I've had since 2016:


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    This thing is ugly AF and overpriced. Why can't these companies hire decent designers to put cool stuff in the market?
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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,706member
    For the record, about 80 percent of that cost is for the puck (which comes from Apple). Nice idea to put it on the keyring, doesn't cost much more than the one-foot Apple Watch charging cable. I too would have loved it if there was a small battery in there, but that would cause weight issues (and raised the price) so i see why they didn't. Hopefully a USB-C version will also be produced for people who have bought a MacBook or MBP in the last two years, or maybe a Lightning version for the increasing number of Lightning-based power packs.
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    Or for the same price you could get this one which has a battery... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075CFL7YH
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,686member
    This device would make more sense if it had either a female Lightning port or it was able to be recharged on another wireless charger. The USB adds unneeded bulk.
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    expected a battery in there like the others on the market, what a waste
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    macguimacgui Posts: 1,529member
    An internal battery is a matter of choice. It's something that you have to keep charged, regularly. Not much good if the one time you need it, it's dead. Not much better if you have to charge it so that you can charge your watch.

    As it's designed to be portable, it can always charge a watch from my MBP, car, or motorcycle. But I'd rather have one with both a battery and cable, preferably with a USB-C connector. Who knows if, not when, Apple will ever let that happen.

    Realistically, I'd never keep something as bulky as a charging puck with battery on a keychain anyway. I try to keep as few objects on it as possible. My two exceptions to minimalism are a tiny 64G flash drive and a P-38.
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