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Apple is really dropping the ball with service. I have a computer in for service . It has been 2 weeks and Apple still is unable to find the part neede to fix it. They don't know where a part is or when they may have one. They will not replace the computer, they will not fix the computer, they only know they are following their "proceedure".

Their products are priced more than other computers. At least they could provide some service.


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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    First of all, what type of computer is it? (Not that it matters much, just curious.)

    Second of all, keep asking for someone higher up on the chain when they tell you there is nothing they can do.

    "We don't have the part in stock" is not a valid excuse considering you bought the computer and the service contract.

    Tell them that you absolutely need a computer to work with immediately whether it's your original computer fixed or a new computer to replace it.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    That must really suck doesnt it. It really piss one off when u pay premium prices for a product and get inferior service in return.
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    Fran .... 4 month old dual 1 ghz G4 tower. "Customer Service" refuses to allow one to talk to anyone higher up. Crap service as far as I'm concerned.
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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    Call Apple Corporate at: 408.996.1010

    Call Apple Public Relations at: (408) 974-2042

    Be extremely nice. At the Corporate number, ask to speak with the AppleCare manager. Don't plead your case if you get to his/her office - just tell them that the call center refused to let you speak with a supervisor (That's a BIG no-no), and that you really need to get your issue resolved. Be oh so very very calm, professional and sincere. Odds it will help: 10%, but that beats a hangup.

    At the PR number, immediately thank whoever answers for their patience and time and carefully explain that you are really just looking for someone who will understand what's going on. Be sympathetic. Hell, tell 'em you're a switcher and are scared you might have made the wrong choice - be sincere in that -not smarmy.

    Remember your goal is to get service, not to get off on someone. The people at these numbers may be able to help you, but only by going out of their way - give them every reason to do so by being an adorable, wonderful person toward them - even if it is all an act.

    I know you deserve better service from the get-go. That point goes without mention. The point here is to get through to someone who can speak to AppleCare OR to Cupertino Service and get the part and your computer together.

    Again, the odds are against you succeeding this way, but you might find some emotional comfort, at least.

    Hope it goes well!!!
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    [quote]Fran .... 4 month old dual 1 ghz G4 tower. "Customer Service" refuses to allow one to talk to anyone higher up. Crap service as far as I'm concerned.<hr></blockquote>

    They won't let you talk to someone higher up? Even I've never had this problem.

    That's just ridiculous. If you do call back to Apple using the toll free number, ask to talk to someone in Apple Customer Relations and see how you do.
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