Which iPhone XS model will work in both Japan and US?

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Hi. I'm living in Japan, and as you may know, all phones here have a forced shutter noise, so the shutter noise will go off even if the phone is set to silent. That said, I am totally fed up with the shutter noise and am considering importing an iPhone XS from outside Japan to remedy this.

Could someone please tell me if there are any iPhone XS models that works with both Japanese and American SIM cards (voice and LTE data) and has FeliCA support?

If the iPhone XS is the same as the iPhone 8 and X then I assume FeliCa will be included and can be activated by changing the device region to Japan.

For some extra details, I'm on Softbank in Japan and don't have a contract with any US carrier but if I did, it'd likely be either Verizon or T-Mobile. I currently use an iPhone 7 (Japan model).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    After some talks with a friend, it seems most voice calls are made over VoLTE nowadays so the whole GSM/CDMA thing isn't as relevant as I thought it may be. (Plus the HK model seems to support both.)

    Softbank uses LTE bands 1, 3, 8, and 41 (under Important) so it looks like I'm clear there too.

    Now the only question is FeliCa support. Considering that the iPhone X supported FeliCa on all models, I don't think Apple would walk back on that? Any thoughts?

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