iPhone XS and XS Max sales are 'weak' says historically bearish Apple analyst



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    I used to think AAPL stock manipulation was just conspiracy theory but now I am a firm believer,. 

    Would you ever trust a broker who tells you "I recommend you buying this stock that I think will go down 10%"? 

    All these "analysts" are nothing but front by stock traders/hedge funds to create artificial short and buy back strategy.  Their opinion has nothing to deal with facts.  And you bet none of them has their own money in the game. 
    Every individual acts in their own self-interest all the time. This is a given. Having said that, it should be understood that we are all “manipulators” in some sense.
    I am not a manipulator.  I do not publish report that the major news network pick it up and put it as headline on financial news so that every investor can read and trade off it. What Zhang, Business Insider, Mark Gurman, Nikkei et, al. had done is totally insidious and they should all be indicted. 
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    I don't usually comment on all these stock price stuff, because it is not my cup of tea. But reading the articles in AI, it is very clear to me that AAPL stock manipulation is real. And just by reading few lines of information, it becomes very clear that stock manipulation is going on in those specific scenarios. This article is a clear example of that.
    APPL is the most shorted stock on Wall St.
    What do you expect from these people. These so called Analysts are paid to put out briefings like this.
    They need to be called out and exposed for what they are, agents of the army of APPL Shorters.

    I figured someone with over 900 posts would use the correct stock symbol...
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