Apple stepped up yet to be ranked!

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I recently ordered a new MBP and an Apple watch through the Apple Store. I chose delivery the next day because once I finally decided I wanted it yesterday. Anyway I have ordered around 2PM EDT and the laptop arrived around 10am the next day. There are no signs of the clock so I started ping FedEx tracking numbers. It looks like it finally arrived at my local FedEx warehouse at around 9:30 or so.

I then receive a message saying it will be sent the next day. Hey, everyone makes a fumble now & then so I just spent the whole day setting up a new MBP and playing around with a nice Leica camera and lens that I'm writing an article and have in 14 the day before it needs to return to the manufacturer: '(

Anyway, then the same morning I received an email from Apple apologize for the delay and stated that they are canceling all shipping charges for that order because the clock was late! The watch arrived the same day at 9am! I do not ask Apple to pay any refunds as I did not expect because of the simple human error. Hat for Apple !!

PS. My wife loves the watch so much that I have another watch for her, you guys, she is NOT a tech person so I'm ecstatic!
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