Troubleshoot mac OS Mojave - missing fax functionality in Preview

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Just upgraded two of the computers in this medical practice.

The very first significant problem is that the Brother MFC fax functionality seems to have disappeared from Apple’s Preview software.    

There does not appear to be an update for the Brother control center software or drivers for Mojave.

Yes, we recognize faxing is old technology. But there are legal restrictions on just emailing PDFs around with patient medical info

Anybody have this fax function working? We have already deleted and reinstalled the brother MFC printers.

Anyone know for sure when brother will have their updated driver released? The Brother Support website says just says early October (  according to  Brother’s 01 October 2018 support memo) 

Network scanning and printing works just fine.


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    Brother tech support just replied with a message that faxing is no longer supported on Brother MFC printers with the CUPS driver !!! 

    That makes these systems way less multi-function than they were before Mojave.  It also stopped the upgrading of all the computers here - now I’m going to have to roll these two Macs back.  Ugh.

    This is a significant problem.  Hospitals, emergency rooms, specialists imaging centers and labs do NOT have email addresses that can be used to send patient’s chart notes. (That whole HIPPA confidential thing.)

    Brother’s response:
    ”...understand that you are unable to use the PC-Fax feature after having upgraded your Macintosh operating system to Mojave 10.14. After reviewing the changes in the upgrade, I was able to confirm that the Send Fax feature of the CUPS driver is no longer supported. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    That being said, please keep in mind that the printer and scanner drivers for Mojave are scheduled to be released later this month. We recommend checking on our Downloads page here for their release.”
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    .Argh !!!    Brother’s follow up answer:  “...I understand your concerns regarding the Fax feature with the Mojave upgrade. After researching your inquiry, I was able to confirm that the Send Fax feature of the CUPS driver is no longer supported with Mojave.”
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    There's an alternative way. Even if you cannot send a fax directly from PDF, Preview or Pages file, still you can do so from the Microsoft Word even on the Mojave. You copy a PDF and paste it on a DOCX and on the print instruction page, there's a usual fax button to input or choose fax numbers.
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