USA Today: Microsoft Loses Houston, TX Contract

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(doesn't require any registration...gotta love the still-free Internet...)

Three cheers for Office alternatives!

- Johnny Dangerously


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    wait...i'm from houston. do i get this free software??

    oh and btw, houston (and all of texas) is one of the most conservative parts of the country, so a deal like this is more than surprising. i can't believe that anyone in this state would ever go away from the norm willingly...and this case, kicking and screaming. maybe the people in this state aren't as stupid as i always thought...or maybe it's just a handful...
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    I dun really understand what is is about, but anything that makes MS looks bad makes me happy!!
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Meh. Whatever. That company doesn't have an original idea in its body. I went to their website and it's just a rip off of MS products. And they lie:


    SimExplorer moves deleted data to a virtual recycle bin and allows users to recover or restore that data if it was deleted by mistake. Previously, this functionality was only available on Microsoft© platforms: SimExplorer now makes it possible on all computer platforms.


    Gimme a break. :/
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    jadejade Posts: 379member
    but they do not need to be original. In beating office they way to go is recreate the most used features and offer it at a reasonable price. Will they succeed? who knows, but entually there will be an option that will be widely adopted and lessen corporate america's reliance on office. and make it easier for corporations to adopt apple computers.
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