Motion Blur in MacOS

in macOS
So randomly today I found my self wondering if its at all possible to have the curser on my mac blur (motion blur) as it moves around the screen quickly. I am yet to find a possible solution to this question but in the mean time i came across some videos that indicate that OSX Lion had a feature to implement motion blur to mission control by pressing (Command+M) or (Command+B) depending on what video you watch. I have tried both and found both not to work on MacOS Mojave. 

Links to the videos below

These videos could of corse be fakes but you never know. 

So my questions are, Does this feature still exist in Mojave and if so how do i access it? Second is if anyone knows if there is a plugin or tool that will give a motion blur effect to my mouse as i use it on screen.

Cheers y'all.

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