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So I have an IPhone SE and I’m debating between the regular 8 vs XS how would you compare the three on one handed use and ease of use in general? Thank you any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,021member
    Best to check out in store but to me the xs is marginally narrower so better one typing but still wider than SE so far edge is still a stretch swipe at the key not a tap. 

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    The rear camera is a huge difference b/w the two...the display is better (size and quality)...but price is also vastly different...so, if you can get Xs, then that is a far better phone in pretty much every way.  If price is a concern, then 8 is fine...but then again, why not get 7 which is even cheaper and very close to 8.
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 3,486member
    I haven't done what you are asking about but if you have a retail outlet nearby you should see how they fit in your hand and how they manage.

    Your hand size is the biggest factor but the one we don't have. 

    I have a normal hand for a person of 182CM and 'piano' fingers. While my brother is the same height, his hands are larger with stubby fingers.

    Neither could use an SE comfortably for one handed everyday use even though the phone feels great in the hand.

    If you are happy with one handed use on your SE, perhaps your hands are smaller than ours. Better to locate a retail outlet and compare them in person.
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