Belkin InvisiGlass Any Good? Iphone XS

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Ok so I’m looking to get an iPhone XS but I’ve never put a screen protector on before since I’ve always got the Otterbox defender cases with the built in screen protectors for my current Iphone Se, so I was interested in the belkin glass one at the Apple store since they will put it on for you, are these belkin ones good cause there are a ton of bad reviews on them? Do they last long? Can they be trusted?


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    They are actually VERY good.  The oleophobic coating is excellent and long-lasting (compared to 3rd party from Amazon).  Install at Apple Store is flawless.  Durability is about same as 3rd parties.  So, if you care about oleophobic and perfect install, then $40 is OK.  

    One more thing...the Belkin is bigger than the Xs screen, which is rainbow effect at the edge of display.

    For me, the Belkin cracked on my X and i went with Spigen after that.  For my Xs, i use Spigen:

    The Spigen has good oleophobic and much cheaper.  The Spigen protector is just ever so tiny bit bigger than, no rainbow...but you have to install it just right to avoid it.  

    If i were to do it again, i probably will go with Belkin if my Spigen cracks.
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