USB-C Adapter for charging + headphones

in iPad
Hey all,

Just got my iPad Pro 12.9" and loving it so far. One thing that's changed however is the removal of the headphone jack... so is there a USB-C Adapter that will let me charge the iPad and listen to music at the same time?

Apple has this: but that will only let me listen to music and not charge at the same time.

Amazon have these:
The first one won't work but the second one does say iPad Pro so maybe its worth trying for that price?

Anyone else know of any other ways to charge through the USB-C and listen at the same time? I wish apple made an Adapter for this in mind.


PS. I watch Netflix and listen to Podcasts through my iPad when I go to sleep at night at prefer using headphones, which is why I'm searching for a way to do this.
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