Problems with Mojave

in Genius Bar
This is just a heads up in case anyone is considering upgrading (????) to bug ridden Mojave. Just be on your guard.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, upgrading to Mojave has caused new problems daily, e.g. no sound on my computer; pass words don't work; Preference Display doesn't work; Accessibility is grayed out - etc, etc., etc. These problems crop up on a daily basis - not all at once. 

 Now, the tabs on browsers - Safari and Chrome - have  blacked out and  are impossible to read.

  I don't expect an answer to this problem as no one on AI has offered suggestions or admitted  to having similar  problems I've posted.  Evidently, no one else has experienced Mojave problems or doesn't know how to fix or get around  them.  

Googling  Mojave problems online has not produced any suggestions either. Obviously, I'm probably  the only user experiencing  these problems. 

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