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I really want to get an Apple Watch (Series 4 / Stainless Steel / LTE / Large Black Nylon Loop) for the ability to have it handle my cell phone calls...

But I DO NOT want to have to have an iPhone as well, I would use my iPad Pro for everything I would not do on an Apple Watch...

(...I am an older gentleman, and between poor eyesight & sausage fingers, the iPhone, even the XS Max, is just too small for my needs...)

Under current totalitarian strictures, I HAVE to have active service on an Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad to make/take calls & have data to & from the watch & tablet...

Why can I not JUST have an Apple Watch & iPad Pro, they are all I would really need while on the go...!


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    Im just guessing.... but I'll bet the watch battery couldn't handle an average day as a full-time cellular connection.  Right now it uses the cellular radio only when it's out-of-range of the paired iPhone.  The BT connection to the phone uses much less power than a constant LTE connection to the local tower.
    I notice that when I spend a large amount of time away from my phone, the watch battery depletes quite a bit more... but correlation is not causation.

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