More problems with Mojave

in Genius Bar
My computer - iMac 21.5" mid 2014 - about 4 years old.

Number pad stopped working.  Work arounds / online forum suggestions don't resolve problem.

Opened windows come up on secondary monitor instead of the main monitor even when the secondary is turned off. 

Mac Mail stopped sending  emails

Text edit stopped working

Drag and drop stopped working
Cut and Paste stopped working
Cap locks doesn't work properly; sticks with all-caps 

I've updated PRAM,  contacted Apple Tech and at their suggestion updated to version 10.14.1.  - No luck~!

I have watched and read countless online 'fix Mojave" videos and suggestions;  have run Utility First Aid; Drive Genius; Onyx: Sophos; TotalAV; and Malware Bytes in case there was a computer and/or virus problem. No luck~!!!

The only other change I've made is uploading to Mojave, so I assume the problems are caused by Mojave.  Every day or several times a day, some other problem occurs. So far, about a dozen items have either  stopped working or have become flaky and useless.

However, one bright spot - Mojave has a beautiful desktop picture. 

I apologize for unloading my frustration on AI, but I need to get rid of some angst about the human condition, the state of the world in general, and computers and Mac and/or OS's in particular.

 I've used computers since the 70's, both in the military and civilian businesses long before personal computers. Evolved along with PC's and Macs. It seems that OS's are getting worse than better.   

IMHO, an OS should be completely fixed and debugged before putting an equally bug-ridden OS on the market.  IMHO, Apple, for one, doesn't even recognize that it has OS problems. It seems to just shrug off the idea that its OS's are buggy.
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