Issues with wifi and wanting to keep Apple Network

in Genius Bar
I have the last iterations of both the Airport Time Capsule and Airport Express. The Time Capsule is connected to our broadband router, which has wireless switched off, and the airport express to the hifi in the back kitchen. However, the wireless in the reader bedroom is really unreliable. I can’t work out a solution that will improve on the existing Apple network rather than replacing it. My concern in replacing it is that Apple WiFi devices can only extend an Apple network, not a non network, and were I to go with another provider I will no longer be able to do wireless backup with the time capsule or use airplay via the airport express. I tried a Netgear Orbi, but these would need to replace my existing network. I’ve tried a BT Mini WiFi hotspot extender, which plugs into the mains and creates a hotspot in the back room. I configured it to clone the existing network. This worked for a day or so with the 5Ghz network but for some reason it would say the password was invalid when accessing it in the rear bedroom on the 2.5Ghz network. So I’m out of ideas. I’d be hugely grateful for any pointers that sorted this while continuing to allow me to use my time capsule wirelessly and the airport express for airplay, all on the same network. 
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