Find My Mac/iPhone Extra Devices

in iCloud

Has anyone besides myself seen devices in Find My Mac/iPhone that you do not own? I've recently had a MacBook model that I haven't owned in years show up in Find My Mac/iPhone. I don't even know nor can I tell that it was previously owned by me. I haven't owned this particular model in over three or four years. So why one of these models would suddenly show up is disconcerting to say the least. Location services are turned off, but the options to send a sound, lock and/or erase the MacBook are still there. They appear to work since I can send sounds to the MacBook without any errors. Since I don't own this model (yes I'm not naming the exact model) I'm concerned from a privacy and security aspect about my own information, etc. 

Anyone else seen this before? If so please let me know. Right now there is no way to remove the device from my account that I can see and so Apple claims. 

Apple is a company that claims concerns about privacy yet they don't have a solution for this problem. I'm fairly certain that any Macs I sold (and I do sell mine when I upgrade) were properly erased, signed out of iCloud, etc. Definitely with Find My Mac/iPhone turned off!

Note I know some of you will try and be helpful, but there is ABSOLUTELY no way to delete this extra device. I've already tried them all - even when screen sharing with AppleCare support personnel. Right now I'm just looking for people with the same issue. 

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