Is the new iPad mini the new iPad?

in Future Apple Hardware
This occurred to me last night: the current mini is nearly 9.7" on the diagonal. Is it possible that the mooted new mini is in fact a slightly larger device than the current mini, but with Liquid Retina display and slimmer bezels, as the current Pro, with a 9.7" screen to replace the current standard iPad? I'd be interested in such a device. I loved the mini's size but after a while the mini 2 just got too long in the tooth for me and the mini 4 wasn't an attractive upgrade option. Were Apple to do this - and I could see it making sense as a smaller, non-Pro device -  what features do you think it would include? FaceID presumably. But Pencil 2 support, or Pencil 1? 

Would be interested in your thoughts and if not what upgrade the iPad might see next time round/how long we might have to wait for smaller bezels and FaceID.
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