Tablet PC wuuuuuuaaaaaaahahahaha, what is this thing?

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I just finished setting one up.


jebus, this thing sucks...

I like the idea though.

Funny how they try to copy TiBook's design, black keys, LEDs on a battery, stuff like that makes u smile.

If u thiking about getting one, DON'T!



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    noseynosey Posts: 307member
    I picked one up (to look at, mind you) at a London Drugs and the first thing that came to mind was 'geez that's heavier than it looks'

    The second thing was "boy that plastics slippery..."

    And the last thing was "Hmm... its been out for less than a month and already the paint is worn off the plastic where the cradle hugs it"

    It was certainly a neat thing to look at, especially since it is a portrait screen. Nice. But the little cosmetic things, like the buttons on the bottom... the lack of rubber grips, and sheer weight of it to hold in one hand.

    Give it time for someone else to do it right.
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    and the handwriting recognition...heh

    try to type: ipconfig /release


    Can u imagine anyone taking notes with that?

    Then compare it to 12" PB.
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    Compaq sent me a freebie Tablet, and boy is it disapointing.

    The tablet idea has been tried SO many times before going back as far as 1988, it just doesn't work outside certain industry specific applications.

    Not to mention the Compaq tablets are seriously underpowered using the Transmetta Cursoe rather than a Pentium.

    Apple should stay the hell away from these things, a tablet replacing as a standalone computer is like Segway trying to replace a semi-truck
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    So how heavy do these things feel and how evenly is the weight balanced? Is it heavier than a Ti Powerbook?
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    They copied the Ti by using black keys and LEDs?


    They copied the Mac by having an operating system. Stupid Compaq!
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