Let's talk Apple stock buy back......

in AAPL Investors
Apple is currently at around 4.75 Billion outstanding shares.

They've stated they want to get to a cash neutral position.  I thought I read/heard they wanted to get to that position in 3 years.  I don't think that is possible in 3 but 5 seems more possible.

There is around $123B in net cash right now.  Assuming revenue increase of 8% a year then Apple would be able to spend close to, if not more than, $500B on buy backs.  Depending on what kind of games Wall Street and analysts want to play, Apple could buy back roughly 2 billion shares.  About 100 million per quarter.  I think there is a good chance they can get 150 this quarter and next.  Maybe for longer.  That would put them well ahead of a 2 billion pace.  If they fall behind pace that means we are benefiting from a significant rise in stock price.

How long do you think Apple buys back shares?  Indefinitely is my hope.  I hope their goal is to get below 1 billion outstanding over the next 10-15 years.

What are your expectations?  Is it possible for them to take that many off the table?  The stock price could be astronomical as we get close to my goal.


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