Installing SSD MacBook Pro 2012 ( OS / Bootcamp / Apps ) questions

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Hi all. Recently had a catastrophic HDD failure on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro and have stuck in a temporary drive with an old Time Machine backup on there. (running Sierra 10.12.3)
I've bought a new Crucial 2TB SSD to swap in and want to do a clean OS install then load on my important files from an external backup but the more I look for solutions the more questions I have.
I want to install and run Boot Camp / Windows 10 on the new drive and make backups to an external HFS+ drive via Time Machine.
So... Here are those questions...What is the best way to go about a clean install?

1: What OS should I consider using? If it is better to stay with Sierra (see next questions) how then to install it on the new SSD without having to clone the drive. 
2: Is Mojave okay to install and use? I've seen reports of Boot Camp/Windows 10 not working on this and other issues with APFS. 
3: If It were better to stay with Sierra / High Sierra where can I get the OS as an install? (remember I want a fresh install as the current drive has a lot of bloat and useless stuff in it)
4: What format should the SSD then be? APFS or HFS+? I've formatted the drive to HFS+ externally but will it be reformatted in the machine to APFS *IF* I put Mojave on there - possibly affecting a Bootcamp/Windows partition/install?
5: Any other issues I may encounter?

Thanks so much in advance of any help guys!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,804moderator
    You can do a fresh install if you have a bootable OS with access to the Mac app store. The old OS versions will be listed in the purchased tab. There's a guide here:

    I think it's a good idea to hold off on the latest OS because smaller developers take time to update their apps and they often start when the OS is released. Using Sierra would be a reliable route to go and you can update to Mojave when it suits, even after testing it on an external.

    If the OS is upgraded to Mojave, it will change the format to APFS but only the Mac partition. Bootcamp will still be NTFS.
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