iPhone XS Is The Warranty Valid ?

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1 month ago, I bought an iPhone XS from USA and come back to my country, Turkey. After only 1 week later, I became aware of that my phone had issues about its charging input. I was sure that I would have sent the iPhone to USA because in my country, this model is not appropriate to be checked by official Apple services. After sending the iPhone, I would have requested switching my iPhone with a new one. But unfortunately, I dropped my iPhone yesterday and its back screen was broken a little bit. How will my process go? Can I still use my Apple warranty, because my phone had already had problems about charging input absolutely not relevant to me. I also talked about this situation with Apple Turkey online chat service before dropping the phone.


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    They should understand your situation as it had issues before dropping. If they don't go to any repair shop they'll fix it for a very less amount
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