Accurate way to calculate the monetary worth of my equipment for resale purposes?

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I am curious how people go about determining the current sale price of their Mac equipment.

I have a variety of items (22" Cinema Display, Dual G4 Tower, Beige G3 Tower, Wallstreet Powerbook) which have all been upgraded rather nicely (RAM, hard drives, extra vid card, etc.). I am thinking of selling the lot (maybe not the beige G3 tower) while the prices are still holding up (before real towers come out later in the year or early next year).

I have tried looking on eBay and various other sites which sell computer equipment, but the range of prices people are asking and getting is pretty large. How would you suggest finding out what my stuff is actually worth?

Thanks for the help!


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    Well. What do you have for video cards? And if you think of a price for the wallstreet be sure to let me know
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    2 X 500MHz G4 (each with 1MB L2 cache)

    100 MHz system bus

    1152 MB RAM (1X512, 2X256, 1X128 - all 222)

    AGP 2X with OEM Radeon

    ixMicro ProRez PCI (to drive a low-end second monitor)

    Internal DVD-ROM

    External Que!Fire CD-RW 12X10X32X

    1 X 19.16 GB IBM HD

    2 X 74.53 GB Seagate Barracuda IV

    Airport Card

    Wallstreet: (I have a buyer if I decide to sell, but not a price)

    1X 266MHz G3

    384 MB RAM

    4 GB internal HDD (I am not in front of the machine now - probably western digital)

    2 batteries

    CD-ROM drive module

    VST superdisk module (floppy + superdisk)

    PCMIA Farallon Skyline 802.11b card

    2 power adapters (one was recalled but I still use it from time to time - hasn't caught on fire yet!)

    22" Cinema Display (once again I have a buyer if I decide to sell - looking for a reasonable price)

    good condition - shipped with 2 dead pixels


    Edit: Forgot the wireless!

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I'm going to take a stab at it and say the tower is worth $1300-$1400 (you do have a LOT of very nice, pricey accessories). That might be high, normally these go for $900-$1100, but with all that extra stuff you can add a couple hundred.

    The Wallstreet is probably worth about $500.

    The Cinema Display is probably worth between $1100 and $1300... new overstock Cinemas from various retailers are $1500 but yours has a couple of dead pixels, and of course a used one (no warranty) isn't worth as much as a new one.

    One of the best ways to get plenty of money for an item is to put a $1 starting price, a reasonable reserve, and then have a fairly high Buy It Now price, and lure buyers with free shipping if they use BIN. Lots of pictures help too.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    imo, a 12" mini powerbook is the best solution for you....

    i can say that the spanning hack on an iBook does not reduce system performance noticeably. I have a 700mhz/combo iBook running to a 17" CRT at a higher resolution than normal because of the hack and have noticed no real speed decrease....and this is wtih 16MB VRam. The new iBooks sport 32mb, so i think you can count on system performance remaining solid with the spanning hack.

    Oh, and the spanning hack is really easy to doesn't really carry any risk unless you are trying to do it to a 2001 iBook (all changes can be undone)
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    check out similiar systems on eBay ... make sure you're looking at prices that are near the end of thier auction.

    This usually gives you a fairly accurate market value of the systems.
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    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

    They will give you an appraisal to give you an idea of what its all worth. Just email them about it.
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