Satechi ships USB-C Stand Hub for iMac, adding forward-facing legacy ports

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Satechi on Tuesday launched the Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac, designed to solve two common complaints about Apple's desktop by elevating it and adding forward-facing USB-A ports.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub and iMac Pro

The front of the hub has a 5-gigabit USB-C port, as well as three 5-gigabit USB-A ports. Other connections include a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, and an SD/microSD slot supporting UHS-I speeds up to 104 megabits per second.

The product connects to an iMac via an included rear-facing USB-C cable, but can be used with older models thanks to a bundled USB-A adapter.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub

Satechi is selling the Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub in silver or space gray versions, the latter designed to match the iMac Pro. Either color costs $89.99.


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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 1,677member
    This is a really good idea, The iMac is a beautiful machine, but having all the ports on the back is a great example of being more concerned with aesthetics than with function. (One of the most valuable parts of the wired keyboard is having 2 accessible USB ports handy.) Don't the new iMacs all have a headphone jack and USB A ports, though? The article makes it sound like it adds ports that aren't there to begin with.

    In spite of Apples pretensions, I don't think you can call USB A (or a headphone jack) a 'legacy' port. I was just at the store getting a flash drive for my son and there wasn't a single USB C drive to be found. I know they exist, but USB A is still the standard.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,142member
    Add a slot in the back for that can take a 2.5inch hard drive and it would be prefect.

    The empty space below would make a good spot for a slide out charging area.
    Say own power supply, Popup lightening or usbc plug or pull out further for qi pad. 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,162member
    This may be a reasonable option for USB-C equipped machines, but for legacy USB-A only iMacs a decent aluminum body USB3 hub and velcro of double sided foam tape can put extra USB ports on the front side of your iMac for a fraction of the price. The iMac's foot is a great place to attach a hub.
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