Apple Watch 3 refused service under warranty. Apple claims it was tampered.

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Hi All, I have exhausted all communications channels I know of to resolve this and wondering if anyone had similar experience.

Watch 3 was not able to turn on after software update in Nov 2018; Watch still under warranty and bought directly from Apple Store in Taipei 101 in Dec 2017. 

Could not get Apple support / Genius appointment at Taipei 101 store for over 2 weeks until I had asked for manager for repair appointment 

7-10 day later am told to retrieve my Watch but told at the store that it was refused service because it had been tampered with / technicians saw changes in internal components (they could not elaborate further)

I explained it was not tampered by me. I had bought direct and new from Apple Store and never had it serviced elsewhere nor did I even try to fix it myself ( nor would I have a reason to as it was still under warranty! ). Watch also never left my possession. 

Case was escalated to Senior Advisor who did a re-investigation but with same results. Said he was last point of contact for escalation and nothing else he can do. Suggested I could contact Consumer Protection agencies .

Does anyone have similar experience and suggestions of how I can proceed? How do I prove I did not tamper with the Watch?

Thank you!

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