LTE reception and Cases

in iPhone
For past two days i have been testing LTE speeds inside my house...a very tough environment. I have two cases for my XS.  

One is Otterbox Symmetry...2017 color. 2017 version is slightly thicker than 2018 because 2017’s back has rubber/soft lining. 2018 Symmetry is just hard plastic.  

The other case is Ringke color. This is a simple TPU case.

Consistently, i am getting significantly higher LTE speeds with my Ringke Onyx case!! In fact, the difference is like day and night. Ringke is around 6-10 Mbps download. With Otterbox, it’s around 0.5-1.0. HUGE difference!

So, just FYI...for those with bad cellular/Wifi...check your case.  Anyone else notice this?
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