Is apple customer service really that inflexible ?

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Hi there,

happy new year :-) 

I’m facing a situation with the replacement of my battery on my Iphone x and I’ll need some advice as apple are not really supportive.

I’d first like to say that I never had to deal with apple customer service and I feel a bit like I hit a wall as they sound very stubborn. Here is the situation:

I felt like the battery of my iphone x doesn’t keep it’s charge as before. I did a test, I was at 92% of capacity 2 months ago and now I’m at 86%.

therefore I went to an apple store (stratford london) and asked if I still could change it for 25£. It was end of December. I also asked if the price will still be 25£ even if the appointment if early Jan. They said yes, as I book before end of December.

next day I call apple support, book an appointment. The guy offer me either the 4th or the 5th. I choose the 5th (so today) as it suits me best. I also ask again the question and he confirmed, as I booked the 30th of Dec I only will be charged 25£ Although the appointment is in Jan.

today I travel to regent street, booked in for the appointment. The guy tell me they’re no problem to change the battery and it’s gonna be 65£.

i told him I’ve been confirmed it’s going to be 25£ As I booked before the end of the promotion period.

the guy ask his manager, nothing we can do, it’s the 5th and regent street did it until the 4th. I asked them to send me an email with this specific note and they did, regent street would have change my battery for 25£ if I came yesterday but today nada!

how is it possible that I haven’t been told so before? I would have book the 4th.

I called apple support where I’ve been told they can’t do nothing, as it was until the 31th (why is regent street doing it until the 4th then), and anyway That wouldn’t have been possible as my battery is above 80%. I tried to push, saying it’s they internal communications that is wrong and I’m not supposed to know regent st wouldn’t do it after the 4th, also that when I booked I’ve been confirmed that it would be 25£ and the conversation was recorded, I’ve been told the answer is definitive.

I Feel pretty disappointed. Not much by the fact that I now would have to spend 65£ but more by the fact that they customer service was so poor and I was left alone with my problem, made the journey to the store, to not even have another apologize than « my colleague was wrong » or a good gesture from them. Myself working in retail it sounds really disappointing.

now for people who had to deal with them before, what else can I do? Am I forced to accept that answer or does it sounds reasonable to try to push more? I really haven’t done any mistakes, and I felt rejected from they customer service like I am a pain 

thanks in advance for any advices.



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    I’d like to add, I heard the rumor that apple doesn’t care much. I didn’t really want to make a drama in store as I also understand the staff are doing they job.
    I’d just like to know if any of you went through any similar situation. Thanks :-)

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